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  1. Happy birthday! :party:

  2. No worries then.

  3. Thanks, it's okay though, Edzo just sent it to me done by him. Probably the fewer people who have his words put in their mouth the better.

  4. Only just saw the message, can do if you want.

  5. Would you like to take part in the muser play? We need the right man to play a gruff Scot.

  6. I met the lead guitarist once, when I was a kid.
  7. No, just no. They are this generation's Slade.
  8. (Fake) Dr Bellamy or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Hate Muse.
  9. I would feel guilty if I failed to post it.

  10. I think posting that gif may have become some sort of birthday tradition between you and I, much appreciated.

  11. With the end gangways, it is not a looker. Although the new ScotRail livery is good, if on very few trains still.

  12. Class 380! Awful looking train. :p

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