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  1. AUTHORISE!!! haaha xxx

  2. thank you hun! :D xx

  3. MuseBay Feedback


    Ticket received with thanks! Speedy MuseBayer! A+++++++++



  4. life is good thanks! enjoying myself! hows yours? lol

  5. lol it is indeed.


    the chorus is catchy but its nowhere near their best song.


    drums and guitar are really boring...as is the bass line.


    the whole song is a rip off of dr who, marilyn manson and a few 80s bands.


    Its listenable tho

  6. i see! Sorry to hear that - thats pretty shitty of him! But somehow its good youre even (although i dont condone cheating! :p)

  7. no i didnt - what did it say?

  8. howdy! u ok?

  9. from ebtm months ago....only cost like £16! bargain!

  10. lol you should have kept it on! :p

    I get negative critisism on some of my videos...but the vast majority is positive. I just dont tend to listen to most of the negative stuff - theyre mostly wrong! haha


    TBH i didnt get to see it. The one i clicked on had the audio removed, so i clicked on the uno link and that had been removed too...so I gave up! haha


    But yeah you were both as bad as each other! :p Fame Wars FTL :LOL:

  11. hopefully!


    we dont KNOW anyone who works for a record label...but we do have a big book of addresses! :p

  12. lol no, unfortunately...


    tho we havent sent any demos to record labels yet as matt and rob still have another year at uni.


    Gonna get that over and done with first before we look at signing anything.

  13. ADAM

    im alright - pretty tired tho had a hectic week and another one to follow


    stupid uni!

  14. ADAM

    very nice! All your pics are upside down tho! :p

  15. We cant do THAT much at the moment as were all in university and Matt and Rob have another year left.


    So we gig as often as we can, usually sourcing gigs ourselves. However we've been approached by a booking agent and are looking at doing a week long tour in the summer.


    The new EP (with me drumming on it) is being produced as we speak, but as Chris has a dissertation to write, it won't be for a while yet.


    Where dya live? Might see if we can get a gig near you.

  16. awesome! cheers!

  17. haha do i? The name doesnt ring a bell!


    I might have met him though! lol

  18. ello ello ello! haha xx

  19. thats cool mate! Look forward to meeting you! :D I'll probably chase you up in a week or so! haha We're really pushing this one! hehe x x

  20. hey man!


    any more progress on you and a few others coming to manc on 15th march? :D


    we will reward you with oranges!

  21. excellent! me too! lol

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