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  1. i found it quite ugly... bordering on novelty. nearly felt like hed watched that video from that pants pendulum band with the keytar and took influence! stick to keys or the guitars... not both in the same instrument
  2. i put my wah in front of my whammy, i u have the whammy depressed on dive bomb setting, and use the wah, the guitar roars he he
  3. actually he does, the album version is the silver manson tuned down but live he uses amp distortion, so for just one song use that, may as well
  4. no wot i think that would do is just add to the distortion, i think he turns the gain on the crunch channel down so that its actually pretty clean until you start hammering the strings, gives that bite, similar to hyper music intro live, it means that its clean, but if he hammers the strings its more overdriven
  5. just wodering, if matt has the fuzz factory in his guitar (meaning it goes first in the effect chain) how does he use his whmmy, i thought that had to be first
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