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    29/11/03 - Manchester Evening News Arena
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  1. Anyone got any idea whether it'll be general admission standing + first tier seating? Got a friend who mentioned that they sometimes do that for gigs at the Etihad, so you can choose when you get there whether to stand or sit.
  2. Hey guys, I'm over in the US from the UK and going to the gig tonight. It says no cameras allowed - is this true or is a compact camera ok to take? Thanks
  3. got 2 tickets, block 104. then foolishly went back to see what was left and saw 101. nevermind...
  4. Happy Birthday! :party:

  5. please vote Muse for "Best Live Act" "Best Rock" and "Best World Stage Performance" in MTV EMA 2010. Here is the link ---> http://ema.mtv.co.uk/vote

  6. hi¡ where are you from¿

  7. Hello there, Hope life is good;)

  8. Heya how are you? XD

  9. Good to hear What happens if they decide your camera is too big to be allowed in? Do they take it off you or would they let you just give them the battery or something? (Whilst hiding another in your sock obviously )
  10. I'll keep an eye out for you! I can't wait either. Wonder how strict the arena are on cameras. I'd love to take mine in but it looks like an SLR and I don't know whether they'd try and take it off me Could get some cracking shots though!
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