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  1. Aqudan

    Doms Drums

    yea terrible aint it 4 died. he's gonna be fine but i hope the burns don't effect his playing long term.... in other news, i put a load of new muse scores on my site the other day: http://drumscore.com/scores/muse/index.html
  2. Aqudan

    Doms Drums

    aw thank you just finished notating the drum parts to absolution and BHAR
  3. Aqudan

    Doms Drums

    hehe didn't think you'd remember me, i used to post here all the time. i run a site called drumscore.com i saw you were linked off the site, thats rather cool! hmm i think there'd be a way to do this video screen thing without affecting tone, if the screens were light weight enough but still fairly firm they could be attached with minimal contact to the shell. lol am i thinking about this too much..?
  4. Aqudan

    Doms Drums

    definately epic! haha someone needs to invent that kinda technology though, i for one rather like the idea of being able to change my kits finish on an hourly basis only seems like yesterday the mirage came into use... anyway back off on another tangent i'm very glad to see your sites still going adam =-) adding a ton more muse stuff to my site this week determined to have their whole back catologue transcribed...
  5. Aqudan

    hi kev, just been through the kit n tab faq and the link to the muse drum tabs has changed. it should be:




    sorry for the hassle


    dan x



  6. Aqudan

    Doms Drums

    has anyone heard the zildjian blacks? i just bought a white kit with black hardware n they'd look well sexy with it... hehe also off on a side track but when the new albums done (yes i'm getting a bit ahead of myself...) and muse go out on the road again do you think there'll be a new kit? any speculation as to where dom can go after the sexy see through? i'm thinking some form of video screen wrapped round the shell
  7. Aqudan

    Doms Drums

    you should some self confidence!! Who gives a shit if someone thinks your version aint as good as the original. As long as your enjoying yourself and not doing something to disrepect the Dom then all is good
  8. Aqudan

    Doms Drums

    hows about using every available rescource to develop your drumming? yea people should try to work stuff out for themselves and improve there listning, but that isn't always as easy as it sounds. by using a tab you help develop your reading skills as well as picking up little bits of the song you might otherwise have not heard. it also provides reasurance that someone agrees with the way you've worked it out OR gives you an alternate idea to how you've worked it out. </bitterness> that fill i thought would be spread over 2 toms but after listning really closely i can't make out 2 seperate pitches. maybe he was just having a lazy day in the studio!
  9. Aqudan

    Doms Drums

    took me ages to do this one! there's a couple of questionable bits in the introduction / bridge bits but the rest i'm happy with : Assassin score
  10. My newest band : James Warner Prophecies James Warners Last Dieing Words Hazel these are first versions of the songs for the 'album' were recorded, so any opinions would be much apreciated
  11. Aqudan

    Doms Drums

    was talking to shop people today, its just going to be lots of little things, the only reason you might want to wait is because theres probably going to be new colours and the prices may possibly go down. but then again they might also go up . .
  12. Aqudan

    Doms Drums

    i was gonna order mine next week, is it something i'm really gonna want or are you just over hyping ?
  13. Aqudan

    Doms Drums

    possibly a strange question, but how to the crasher things attach to a kit? Do they have there own built in thing or do you need a seperate attachment?
  14. Aqudan

    Doms Drums

    have aquarian dont something really bad? everyones starting to stop using / stocking them
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