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  1. Â Ah, fair enough. Growing up is an extremely very over-rated concept anyway. So I'm told.
  2. Â You might say that but I couldn't possibly comment.... Â The Mars Volta do a nice bit of prog. And thankfully no wizards are involved.
  3. >> Why can't we have either Dommey and Christopher on the cover of the book ? >> Also why is the book so much revolved around Matt B himself ? Â To be honest I wasn't aware that the book was much more weighted towards than Chris and Dom -or it certainly wasn't a conscious decision - but I see your point. I've interviewed the band two or three times (all three of them together) but Matt by himself a couple of more times, so the simple answer is, I know more about him, his preferences and his upbringing, than the other two. Plus, as the songwriter and the person who gives the band their unique voice, in researching into their history I thought that if one of them warranted a bit more detail then it's Matt. That's not a criticism of the other two - merely that there's more information about their singer out there. It's not like I'm good friends with them either and would never claim to be, so, like most people on here would no doubt do , it was a case of piecing the story together. Â As for the cover, I'm afraid I don't get the final say in that. I think I'd have definitely opted to have all three members on there, but was nevertheless quite pleased to see Matt looking suitably demonic. Â Look out for the follow-up sometime around when they decide to stage 'Devon & Hell: Muse The Musical - An Ice Spectacular!', circa 2020. Â Coming to an enormodome near you...
  4. What nice people you are. Â The sequel will be even better!
  5. Thanks Nuova. By all means translate it into any language see you fit! Â (If you're interested my first debut novel, 'The Book Of Fuck' [2004] is published in Italian translation in April 2005. More details at: http://www.wreckingballpress.com)
  6. Hello everyone. This is just a quick note to say hi and thanks to anyone who, bought borrowed or stole the book that I wrote on the band, 'Muse: Inside The Muscle Museum', published last year. As a fan I wanted to get it right and the general reaction has been a positive one. The first limited print run of the book had now sold out, however the publisher informs me that more copies have been printed and now available in most bookshops (Waterstones, Borders), Amazon.co.uk or more details from http://www.impbooks.com  thanks again, Ben Myers  http://www.captainsof.com
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