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  1. There it is, please enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNOZvBbQqGg&feature=youtu.be
  2. Hi guys (can't believe I remember my password here), been years since I logged in here. I was searching for stuff in my home and found a DVD-R I had completely forgotten about with live performances of some Muse songs during the 2002 Avenches gig (in Switzerland) and Eternally Missed is on there (in full). It was recorded by a friend who went to the show back then and had the bright idea to record this. I believe there is no other video of Eternally Missed live existing. Sadly I can't rip the DVD but I could record it on my TV nonetheless in quite good quality (since I have a very good camera). Would it be something of interest to anyone here? I'd have to record this then upload it on Youtube, let me know.
  3. Sorry I just had a huge laugh when listening to your crossover video... Without being mean, this is exactly why some of you people disappointed by The Globalist should just sit down, listen to the master, and practice. You clearly don't have the skills man... The Globalist is probably Muse's best song yet, and a lot people are complaining because it doesn't sound like Citizen Erased, or because of the piano part. Come on, Matt is much more intelligent than this. It would have been so boring had he given in to your fanboy desires and brought back the CE riff for 30 seconds or so. It would have been so predictable if the second part continued the last riff. Instead we have a beautiful piano part. Fucking amazing. The easy way out would have been to do what you're trying to do, mix both riffs (with a lot more skills obviously... ), but what they wrote is exactly what needed to be done. It will eventually grow on you all and you'll understand why it's the best piece of the album (Handler is close though, amazing as well). Muse fans who think they know better than Matt... hilarious...
  4. The number of listens indicates the real quality. My listens (only concerning the second half of the album) 1) The Globalist (19 times) 2) The Handler (19 times) 3) JFK + Defector (14 times) 4) Drones (11 times) 5) Aftermath (6 times) 6) Revolt (4 times) Will come back for a real review but as of now, it may very well become my favorite Muse album. The Globalist is fucking Ace. Best song they've written since Exogenesis. Maybe best Muse song overall. Those lyrics... so depressing.
  5. It's because your ears aren't trained, you don't know the keys... The 3 parts are completely related musically-wise. Change of instruments and lack of transition don't mean "different songs". As for CE, grab a guitar someday, try to play CE riff and TG riff. You will understand...
  6. Well... when it's good, gotta give credits to the guys. Some masterpieces in there, sadly there are some poor songs, as always with Muse. -The track "Drones" is an incredible surprise to me, never expected this, very moving and creative. -Matt's voice is the most solid it has ever been, amazing vocals overall. -The Globalist is hands down their most ambitious song ever. The Globalist: 9,5/10 Amazing structure and vocals. Great bits of melodies all around. Takes guts to dare trying a structure like this. Only Matt could have pulled it off. The Handler: 9/10 Great, great song. Amazing energy. Very reminescent of Showbiz in that regard. Repears: 8,5/10 Outstanding guitar work and rythm, but constantly under the impression of hearing Rage against the machine mixed with AC/DC. And I don't like the way Matt used his voice in the chorus... Could have been better, but still great, great track. Drones: 8/10 Amazing. Would never have expected this coming from them. Dead Inside: 8/10 Great melody, incredible voice. This is what Madness should have sounded like. Perfect mirror to Madness. Defector: 6/10 Enjoyable and catchy. Will get old pretty fast. Aftermath: 5/10 Nice tune, but makes me feel I've already listened to this song for the past 20 years. It's nothing new. Psycho: 4/10 Too simple, designed to please the mainstream crowd, mostly teenagers. Disappointing coming from them. Revolt: 2/10 Very poor effort, absolutely doesn't deserve to be on the album. What a load of crap. Mercy: 1/10 Worst track on the album. Never should have been released. Overall, half of the album is much enjoyable, with some masterpieces. Don't care about the ranking with other albums, they delivered big time. Now let's see if they dare play The Globalist, which is clearly their most technical and ambitious track of the album and best they've ever written, live... if not, I won't buy a ticket.
  7. I was not expecting that much answers and reactions to be honest. So, whether you want it or not, you and others care, otherwise you would be ignoring it. And this my dear, is a fact. However you had nothing to reply except denying you act just like the majority of people here. When you're an employee, it's kind of the same deal, there is this unspoken rule: conform and act like everyone else in the company, or you'll come off as an intruder. I like Matthew because of that, it's exactly what he's talking about in some of his songs, but you don't get his point. I could expand the debate, and talk about society in general, relationships, but I don't have the time for this. Not today anyway. Have spent already enough time writing here for now. I'm not writing all this to justify myself, trying to force you into thinking the way I think, or trying to insult you. I called you "clone", I think this was a nice nickname and more appropriate, I didn't employ the word "sheep" which isn't very cool. I don't know you, I wouldn't get anything from insulting you. I don't care about that. I'm writing to open your eyes on some stuff as well as expressing my opinion. Of course it's just a messageboard, so it's virtual, but you can get the general idea and it's up for you to decide whether or not you want to make the world better. Some people are going to say "what, you think you can improve the world by asking for rare songs live and saying Mercy is shit?", "you're an ass", "good for you, now gtfo", "what a pretentious fuck", yeah yeah, I know all that. This is just a beginning. Be more demanding. Ask for the best. Just the best. Study and watch everything and you'll get a better idea of what good and bad. Study economy, marketing, art, women, sex, relationships, astronomy, mathematics, friendship, EVERYTHING. Be yourselves, don't be afraid of what other people think of you, don't conform, eat the world, try to see everything that's going on, you're still all very young. I may come back later. Buh bye... clones... : )
  8. This "it's all personal opinion" statement is just so old. When the person in front of you has nothing left to add to the debate, this is what you're told "it's only a matter of tastes anyway... let's drink a beer". Come on... I don't feel the need to remind everyone that all of what I'm writing is my personal opinion, that it's useless as it will be read today, forgotten in ten minutes by everyone, and that we are writing on a fan messageboard that is completely meaningless, that we are group of lucky people living the present on earth with thousands of starving people on the other side... tiny ants on a planet tucked away in a galaxy lost with thousands of others in a universe so big we will never understand the meaning. We can't understand how it was born. So you know, this "personal opinion" stuff, I don't give a crap. I will reassure you on this though, I'm not sitting on my ass writing on a messageboard most of the time and actually thinking about real problems. As for the Black Ops 3/Pitch Perfect 2 ironic statement, come on kid, think I haven't understood the sarcasm? ; )
  9. By masses, I meant the way you act shocked by what I've written, all replying in the same way, like clones. It's funny though. I guess that the board is so boring and predictable, my style of writing is shocking to you, I say thing like they are. It has brought me some criticism in the real world, especially from my employers, but all in all, you get to meet the most interesting people. When you act all shy and conform your will to others', you end up with hypocrites. Bloodborne is okay if you haven't beaten the shit out of Demon's Souls (not even mentioning Dark Souls and its sequel) which was a far better game, better designed, harder and all-round more enjoyable and satisfying. That was over 4 years ago. In 2015, Bloodborne looks like a game you've already beaten to death, only with a different atmosphere, close to Castlevania. The most disappointing thing was the graphics, it's running on PS4, a superior hardware than PS3, and it doesn't look that much better compared to Demon's Souls. Not to mention the complete lack on innovation to the series. As for the others, haven't played them yet, will definitely buy most of those, but it doesn't look very promising. Arkham Knight looks just like Arkham City all over again, only with a Batmobile and slightly improved graphics (was expecting much much more coming from this new generation of hardwares). It will be a good game but nothing new here. Witcher 3 had the most promising graphics, sadly it's an über let-down, total cop-out, just like Watch Dogs last years. The gameplay still looks bad (Witcher is a series with terrible gameplay, and it's to me one of the most important things in a game), there's nothing new, no new concept. It's too early to comment on the other ones, but I will still end up buying them all as these are the only worthy titles to deserve my money. It doesn't prevent me from having a pretty low expectation and judging objectively. That being said, The Phantom Pain will clearly be the better game and Game of the Year 2015. The Metal Gear series is the best one in the video game department, best directing, best writing, best gameplay, and The Phantom Pain expands these to a whole new level. My only concern with this game is that the graphics already look dated as it was designed for the last generation of consoles, and sadly it shows on screen. Still, it will be remembered as the best looking game for PS3/360, and it's on-par if not better with games exclusively made for PS4/Xbox One that are coming out in 2015, which is mindblowing when you think about it. But aside from the graphics, the shots, the directing... it's never been seen before in a videogame. Every sequence or so is shot in ONE shot, like Cuaron did for Gravity, and that alone deserves respect. Kojima is really the king of the media. And the story looks to be the most interesting of the saga so far.
  10. Fury Road is as bad as "300". In ten years, everybody will have forgotten about it. It's the 300 effect, it was exactly the same thing: overproduced crap that gets somehow all the praise because it's visually "attractive" (even though the design is awful in FR), so-called professional critics love it, and everyone falls under the illusion. Mark my words, no one will speak of that new Mad Max movie as a classic in 10 years. It's not on par with Mad Max 2. The Road Warrior will remain the superior Mad Max movie and still talked about in 2025. It's just the hype man. As for the other replies, I hope new muse fans or younger people will have something more to reply than just one line, or mad cat photos, or passive-agressive gif. Your replies remind me of muselive's worst poster I've witnessed in my life: Pib. What is lacking on messageboards and the world in general: the passion. Write with your guts. Stop acting in masses, like you belong to a football team. I miss reading people's opinion, you're all writing the same stuff, acting like clones. I prefer acting like a clown. Write with your brain, not with the general consensus.
  11. Hi people, it's been a long time. Let's be honest, Mercy is not very good, it's not innovative, there's nothing new to it that we haven't heard before. It's not bad, but it's coming out in 2015, and compared to Muse's standards, it's very low. It reminds me of Coldplay songs, and I hate Coldplay. I agree with someone who stated it's very similar to Starlight: it is. Had "Mercy" been released in 2006, most muse fans would be okay with it, but it's been almost ten years since BH&R, it's a lack of creativity to dare produce this boring single. But the global mainstream audience is stupid, look at the state of the music today: it's a catastrophee. Same goes for the movies and the video games: the quality is dropping every single year. There is just one thing exciting this year: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Everything else is garbage. Movie critics are praising a retard film like "Mad Max Fury Road" which is one of the most boring movies I've ever seen (even though the directing is ace). Matthew and the production know it obviously, and they sadly are making the right choice by releasing this as a lead single. The mainstream crowd will love it. I'm sure it will be more popular than Dead Inside, and one of the most popular Muse songs along Madness and Starlight. I'm pretty disappointed as I was pleasantly surprised with Dead Inside, which is a very nice track, very different from what they have done, and Matt's singing is gorgeous on that track. I think it might be his best performance ever in a studio. The song could have been better, there's a chord progression absolutely horrendous near the ending (but the main problem is the tone, not so much the chord progression but that tone, wtf was Matt thinking, the tone has nothing to do with those cool other sounds going on in the song) but overall it's a very pleasant surprise. Best song they have put out since The Resistance. Psycho was okay, although too predictable and easy coming from them, we've known that riff for too long, but I did like the production, the tone, and it amused me to see this famous riff turned into a real song. Not so bad. That being said, it's still better than 90% of what's coming out today in the music field. To be honest, my expectations for this album are not very high, I feel Matt is a bit lost and not as coherent as before. He doesn't seem to care as much as he used to. He is to me the best musician in activity in the rock industry, and I prefer that he remains active as opposed to stop doing stuff like some other musicians do, but I feel he's jaded. And I ca understand. This band had it all, they've gone from being an unknown three-piece playing in front of ten people in shady shops to playing huge stadiums. Matt got older, he got a baby with that girl who isn't apparently the nicest girl around... this kind of crap can change a man. I feel he's been very disappointed and looks a bit jaded. That's my impression, and you can tell this just by listening to their music. Dead Inside, as good as it is, is a great example. I'm just looking forward to The Globalist to be honest. This is the only song where I feel Matt's been really inspired and onto something. And Dead Inside was great, so, maybe the album will still hold one or two other gems like this. It's hard to articulate all I want to say. This band could have offered so much more. Like, how do you go from Exogenesis I/II/III to Mercy? Artistically, this makes no sense, except for the cash. They are torn apart between the business side and the real creativity. I thought they had made enough cash to rest til their old days and even provide to their children. Why not make a 100% crazy and artistic album? Follow the path you showed us with Exogenesis, don't go back and produce dead shit like Starlight. I wish they'd have more ambition and craziness and go all-out. Hopefully, the Globalist will shut me up and I will listen to it non-stop for 6 months. Final thing I have to say: the setlists. I was surprised that they FINALLY started to play more b-sides and obscure tracks. But godammit, why did it take so damn long... I listened to Futurism recent performances, and while it's okay... they really should take their old gear back. It sounds too produced. This is supposed to be live performance, don't use so much backtracks. Stop using Morgan, it just doesn't sound authentic. You know, I was a huge fan back when I was 18/19, 10 years ago. I dreamt they would play tracks like "Eternally Missed", or even "Exo-Politics". Back when it was hot. Every show I've been to was disappointing (except the first ones around 2001-2003. It began to disappoint in 2004 and on). I saw them 12 or 13 times I think, in the span of 10 years. I haven't been to a show since 2010 because I felt it was a let-down every time. They held onto the singles too much. Now, they bring back rare tracks, like Matt has finally got it. Then, play them at every show. Fuck the mainstream audience. Stop playing endless setlists filled with singles. Play like 1 or 2 singles, and the rest: do whatever you want, play the songs you feel are the right choices, not what the mainstream people want to hear. Don't disappoint me again if I buy a ticket to your show again. Play really rare tracks, and play them like you mean them from the bottom of your heart, bring back the real passion and crazy energy like when you used to play them in 2001/2002. That's what Muse was about. They were playing their life on every song. Play "Shrinking Universe" and "Eternally missed" live. Give everything you got. And play those really ambitious tracks like Exogenesis in full for once godammit. It's so disappointing to love those songs so much, to know they are the most ambitious stuff they've ever done, and go to a show and hear only the simple boring songs being played over and over. I don't want crap like Undisclosed Desires, Starlight or Mercy ever again at a show. Real music lovers that bought all your albums and singles want Shrinking Universe, Eternally Missed, Host, Falling away with you, Exo-politics, Exo-genesis I/II/III, Map of your head, Shine, all those songs we've loved and that you somehow "forgot" and held onto the boring singles that air all the time on the radio. No more of this cheap trick Matthew. If the Globalist is that good, I sure hope it will be played at EVERY show. No Mercy. Globalist. That's what we want! That's it for the rant. See you in 5 years.
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