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  1. Might aswell post an update about my band. We released an EP world wide on Friday, it was a fantastic day. You can now find the EP on Amazon, iTunes, 7Digital, HMV, Tescos, we7, Rhapsody, Napster, emusic, Nokia music, Zune and may more. Search for 'CaptainHorizon'. It's also on spotify, so those who have spotify can search and stream it. Got a gig in Evesham, Nottingham and Dudley this weekend http://www.captainhorizon.co.uk
  2. Mezzair

    Doms Drums

    Sorry I wasn't talking to anyone directly, is just the fact in my opinion I feel that people need to stop relying on tabs and stuff to figure things out, give your ears a chance to work it out. Just my little two cents..
  3. Mezzair

    Doms Drums

    How about stop relying on tabs and try and develop your own listening skills?
  4. Mezzair

    Doms Drums

    Actually I have seen a few more clips from that video and the crashes are A Customs. So I presume he is either trying an A Custom protoype or Marketing a new range for them.
  5. Mezzair

    Doms Drums

    I quoted it out of the Rhythm Magazine (around the hullabaloo tour, which is when the post originally dates back to), so I'm sorry if it isn't perfect for you. Jesus Wept. Yes, I have tried mounting a 12" deep rack tom, have a look at this picture of my kit..
  6. Mezzair

    Doms Drums

    The extracrash is called the "Crash Of Doom". I still think its a 20" ride, do you have any evidence that it is a 22"?
  7. Mezzair

    Doms Drums

    Hullaballoo: Tama Maple Start Classic 12"x12" 14"x14" 16"x16" ( Do I have the bass drum and snare sizes, I will dig them out) 8" EFX 11" Oriental Splash 13" Mastersound Hi-Hats 18" A Custom Crash 19" A Custom Crash 18" Oriental China Trash 20" Dark K Custom Ride. IC double, Aquarian heads
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