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  1. A bit strange that the standing tickets are 92 euro a piece while NL is 66...
  2. Jezus. 12-13 floor tickets all sold out.. crazy
  3. What a horrible ticket site.. I was waiting since 8:00. the second the find tickets button appears I press on it. 30-60min queue.. how the hell is that possible. And now all inner circle positions are already sold out??!!!
  4. Again counting down the minutes.. such a bummer that I had tickets in the fan pre-sale, but due to the confusing on the french naming of the area and the payment not going great I lost them. fingers crossed this time
  5. I have 4 tickets reserved, but whats Parterre Debout? Because on the picture there is Tribunes and Galleries
  6. if u would change to front to absolution aliens.. i would want em
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