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  1. Which box am I being put into wait. How did I escape from banter.....
  2. :eek: OHMAHGAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :love:
  3. 2002, that's right. It has been 13 years to be fair Aaah, it was an early version of TSP not Hysteria ! it's weird that you're telling me what happened at gigs when you would have been six
  4. Reading Festival 2003, "the Rusty one" (Eternally Missed) and was it Hysteria (?) that we waited forever for. That was pretty decent.
  5. So glad I started out when I did. I've seen much of the old Showbiz / OOS era, the whole of Absolution and couldn't care since.
  6. Hmm.. that would work just as well in court if you were charged for murder.
  7. If it's justified, how's it unfair? You are absurdly abusive in there. Whom banned you do you know?
  8. I'm surprised mods actually go in there ever still, they usually seem to miss when i'm on.
  9. Pale, you probably got banned for abuse?
  10. my latest suggestion for area name change
  11. thanks i got this on the old chat too though
  12. I keep getting this come up
  13. I'd like her ban to be permanent
  14. since i couldn't find the link if anyone needs it, it's here or after search on the top menu well done Kev, it's ace!
  15. Neil, if you ever come on these parts.... we need to sort meeting out in Cardiff sometime mate
  16. I kinda haven't talked to you people for aaaaages! It is so beautiful, i was there last year and had an amazing time, this year it was even better because of the presence i was in j'adore my Ashley have to go back soon ^_^ as well as spending time with the people i was with there at Reading end of this month where you off to in England? and Scotland? Glasgow / Stirling / Callander is beautiful
  17. was it that long ago? i thought it was this board :s
  18. pfffft i'm SURE i made a welsh musers thread
  19. Electric Six played Radio Ga Ga yesterday :D Muse couldn't fucking pull it off
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