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  1. haha. that's one of the best things I've seen on youtube.
  2. Or..maybe people just genuinely like it? It's the not best song they've ever written, but I still think it's a solid, good song.
  3. It's awesome. Gives obvious reasons for that Depeche Mode slot as well! Is it definately MOTP though?
  4. this song makes me wanna throw my hands up in the air in euphoria. NO ONE'S GONNA TAKE ME ALLLLIIIVVVEEE..
  5. I very much agree. I adore Starlight.
  6. I love love love this song. More and more every time I listen to it. So simle, yet so fantastic.
  7. It's blatantly gonna be the new sing along anthem. NO ONES GONNA TAKE US ALLLLLLIIIIIIVVVE.. Fucking fantastic.
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