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  1. BIRTHDAY DANCE :dance:

  2. This thread brought back some memories, although at the same time, I don't remember the gig all that well. I think I was around during Night 2, one of the memorabilia I still own from that night was that poster with all the album/single covers, ending at the Absolution stuff. Was sitting at the top left of the arena with a friend and we enjoyed the Zutons and Muse, the other support act was The Secret Machines if I remember?
  3. Low expectations here, The Resistence (to me) was awfully forgettable and very disappointing to me. Hopefully this Muse album will spark some new excitement but as it stands, i'm not that optimistic.
  4. http://www.forevergeek.com/2010/01/the_twilight_manga/ I work for a anime/manga website as a reviewer, I've not read through it but I know it uses basic Times New Roman Font () and the art is very average.
  5. Hello there hope life is good.

  6. Hi Reevo, yes and yes. It's an ace series, especially if you love video games, Spaced, music or are in a band.

  7. Hello funkadelic, is that avatar from Scott Pilgrim by any chance?

    Is it worth a read because someone recommended it to me recently?

  8. :)


    :awesome: Cool. Good add, I think it's hilarious.


    Haha, yep. :awesome: 'Tis why I chose it. :D

  9. Thanks :)


    I watched some of Robert Llewellyn's carpool and saw this parody of Kryten and the Dr. , I just wanted to add it.


    Your Dr. Who avatar is really cool and crazy.

  10. Ahhhhhhh your sig is amazing. :awesome:

  11. wheyheeeeey! friendickles! sorry haah i'm being weird...haha, hello there! :LOL:

  12. I haven't conquered my fear of the Big Skulltulas since I got Ocarina Of Time ten years ago, i don't know why?

    Maybe its because they scare you every 10 seconds, they drop, you stare at them for bloody ages, wait for then to show there back, repeat, I fucking hate it :(.

    How are you anyway?

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