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  1. I dont like the arctic monkeys. Seem to be to be a typical faddy, of-the-moment band hyped up by the fucking NME. Samey songs, and lots of band members with over inflated egos.
  2. They might upstage them but then who cares? I think muse could do with getting taken down a peg or two to make them rethink their horrible, corporate shitehawk videos. Anyway the public are fickle, faddy, and most cant tell their arse from their elbow. Their opinion counts for nothing (at least for me). Dont worry about it.
  3. I only really listen for it because of the bits where he says.... "Hooooold you in my arms, I just wanted to Hooooold you in my arms"....I really like the way he sings "hoooooold"
  4. I think the first few minutes are just a bit...meh, but the harmony bit onwards is good.
  5. Please tell me your joking, you sad fucker. Go on, get angry, but give it a few years, and see if you regret it, and if you dont? Well, thats a rather obsessive attachment to a band. And they ARE just a band.
  6. Absolution went to No.1 here, that's sucessful enough. Pleas stop posting things that sound like prayers. "We truly hope that all our talented students do their best in their GCSE's, and go on to stay true to who they are and not miss out T's in Matthew. Amen."
  7. Bloody Americans. Was i the only one cringing at that "we will always be here for you" stuff?
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