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    I like to make cheese of the smeg variety. Not that I cultivate it myself; that would be time consuming and also quite disgusting. No, I get it for free from this dodgy old man with an unusually long foreskin and a ginger beard (dyed with henna) so long, I could wrap myself in about 33 times. All because he thought I winked at him seductively, while in reality, I just had some glass in my eye. Oh well, free cheese. I roll balls out of it, absolutely massive balls. Then I go to Alkmaar and sell them for a shitload of money, especially the aged smeg balls which, depending on maturity, can easily cost more than truffles.
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    CBT Practitioner
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  • Favourite Films
    Sex Starved Fuck Sluts #22 - Stinky White Women
    She's Not a Lesbian ... She's a Vagitarian
    Let's Play Anal Twister
    Lusty Life #89 - Slide Your Long Loaf In My Hot Oven
    Ultra Kinky #79 - Bowlin' In Her Colon
    Good Assternoon
    Dead Men Don't Wear Rubbers
    Topless Brain Surgeons
    Sandwich of Love
    Backdoor Lambada
    Big Trouble In little Vagina
    Jerk Your Cum Crayon and Color Me White
    Willie Wanker And The Fudge Packing Factory
  • Favourite TV Shows
    Anything that has doctors, bucketloads of blood, vampires, lesbians, pirates, dead people, drugs and more lesbians. Also, cute animals like snails, eels and isopods.
  • Favourite Books
    I don't care, as long as there is some form of nude activity in it. Or (auto)cannibalism.
  • Muse Releases Owned
    I burned them and inhaled the fumes with a straw made of dehydrated foreskins glued together with fermented semen. It had tiny little feathers attached to it, they were a light pink, so cute.
  1. That sounds good except it's all the same. And quite boring stuff too.
  2. Mneme

    Oh lor--I owe you a PM--sorry!!!

  3. Mneme

    Helloooooooooo!!!!!!!!! Where are you--everything all right?

  4. Mneme

    Hehe--your FIRST message--welcome to the maelstrom!

  5. guinea pigs on the inside cover of a maths notebook
  6. pira

    Deviant art accounts

  7. Nicotinamidadenindinukleotidfosfat.
  8. 1. Cumbubballoo 2. Cervical Mucous 3. Implosions In My Eye 4. Cadavers In The Sky 5. Pink Hole Exhibition OK THAT WAS REALLY SHIT. :]
  9. Ah never mind then. I thought that with 'depending on the gender', you meant or a 'boyfriend if you're a girl'. So I was like, 'omg, what about the gaylords ?'. But you don't.
  10. Blister (in my eye)/Plug in penis/Newpr0n. One of those. I think... maybe not. Anyway, it was on the 2nd of February 2002 (how sad that I remember) I got into them. Heard them before though.
  11. Best: Bliss or Sunburn. Worst: Uno (first version, not the one with the rooms) or Stockholm Syndrome. Hysteria is also pretty bad, but Hayley is hot so it doesn't matter.
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