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  1. I wouldn't pay more than a few dollars over face value based on principle alone. I paid for scalped tickets once, for a 49ers game. I honestly wouldn't do it again for anything. Its a waste of money.
  2. The problem with paperless ticketing is that if you can't go, for whatever reason, you eat the cost of the tickets. There needs to be a refund policy if paperless tickets are used, otherwise I'd ahve to say its a bit of a shit system.
  3. Well, there's actually quite a bit that can be done about it, but it would require a re visioning of the industry as a whole.
  4. Um, Ticketmaster at this point IS a scalper/broker. Ticketmaster has two faces. The one we see when we log into ticketmaster.com and the one we see when we're redirected to ticketsnow.com. What I wrote was apt and appropriate for the situation. I stand by it.
  5. What are you doing there?

    I'm still waiting for SoCal dates to be announced. Phoenix is strongly considered since I just found out it's during my hubbie's spring break. :D

  6. If you're in seats, more importantly, don't tell the people who stand up for muse to "sit the fuck down." That happened to Mary, Lara, Liron and I at the SF show in 2007. Bastards.
  7. Center stage and to the left is ridiculous. If you're in the center and you expect to not be moved by a sea of people, forget about it, lol. If you're in the center and worried you won't have a good view of Matt, forget about that too, because most likely the crowd will pick you up a few inches off the ground the tide will push you to just a few feet away from him. Been there, done that, lol. Its not so bad, you just have to get over the claustraphobia/loss of control. Its a mental trick. If you can lose yourself for a bit, you'll be fine.
  8. The floor area is supposed to be really big. They call it the Cow Palace for a reason--its where ranchers would go to trade/buy livestock. This was long before they converted it to a big ol' venue for shows and the like of course.
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