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  1. Hey everyone, Big Casino went down the drain when our front man suddenly decided to move to Greece with no warning! I'd also like to say sorry to anyone who asked for a merch bundle. It was our front man who was in charge of this, so that's why nothing was sent out. I was absolutely gutted, but I've now got a new project going on. It's completely different but if anyone is at all interested and would like to check us out then our page is http://www.facebook.com/ThatLethalMixture and you can hear some acoustic tracks at http://thatlethalmixture.bandcamp.com Think nice, chilled out, feel good, catchy music. Enjoy
  2. Hey everyone, Just thought I'd let you know that if you go on to our Facebook page and send us your address and t-shirt size in a private message then we'll post a Big Casino merch bundle out to you for absolutely free! http://www.facebook.com/BigCasinoUK Also, we shall be releasing a new EP in the near future, so stay tuned for updates. In the mean time, head to http://bigcasino.bandcamp.com to download our debut EP for absolutely free, along with 3 bonus demo tracks. Enjoy and thanks for your support!
  3. http://bigcasino.bandcamp.com Here's the debut EP from my band Big Casino. The EP is called 'Carry Me In' and was mixed and mastered by Chris Coulter who has been working with Arcane Roots. Hope you like it guys
  4. Seriously that means SO much guys. We wont forget our first fans if things were to take off that's for sure
  5. Absolutely loving the positive comments coming through, thanks man! If you could join the Facebook page and spread the word we'd be eternally grateful
  6. Awesome! It's something we'd love to do for sure, just need to get more people hearing the music first
  7. Awesome! Thanks very much Be sure to join the Facebook page if you don't mind
  8. It'd be massively appreciated if you could Our Facebook is http://www.facebook.com/BigCasinoUK
  9. We'd absolutely love to! Get us enough Swiss fans and we'll be there right away I promise And thanks again for your kind words
  10. Thanks very much indeed! We were over the moon Unfortunately I don't think you can listen to the show again, I had a look myself and couldn't find anything
  11. Look forward to it! If you could spread the word about Big Casino we'll be sure to return the favour once you're up and running!
  12. Haha awesome, give us a shout on Facebook when you've got some recordings up!
  13. Awesome, what's your band called I'll check you out?
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