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    AFC BOURNEMOUTH DIE-HARD!!!!! (I also support Norwich City too for some reason)
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    off sailing in the sea of red
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    going to football matches, listening to music, stuff
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  1. Mue

    Turbulence is a pretty song ^^

    Dunno just yet! Trying to fill in the time with a few projects atm, just got my business cards today! yay! Then after graduation it'll be time to find a job! Probably move to London or something since all the jobs are there!

    Lmao I like how you consider your football team part of how you are!

    I don't really have an album of the year this year, but the new Muse one will be out soon! YAAAAY!!

    Band of the year though - 22!

    very Musey! You might like it!

    Ahhhh fair enough, I live on Facebook! Even more so now that I can just sit around all the time :D I LOVE not having to do anything! The past few weeks have been hell, I hadn't slept for days when I handed my honours in D:

    But yus, I hope all is well with you too! :)

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