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  • Birthday 10/15/1986

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    In a Bar, Under the Sea
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    Music, Art, going to gigs, general fun and games.
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    Incubus, Soulwax, dEUS,
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    Trainspotting, Pulp Fiction, Resevoir Dogs, District 9, Nightmare Before Christmas, Finding Nemo
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    How I Met Your Mother, Dirty Sexy Money, Wire In The Blood
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    Wuthering Heights, The Gowk Storm, Hey Nostradamus
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    All the good ones, obviously. So that leaves out the last few.

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  1. "I came for the love and all i got was this lously reply" lol is the t-shirt that I should be wearing right now ;)! Yeah that sounds great, got lots to tell bout my unhealthy obsessions with Muse (heck thats why we're here right??) xx

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