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  1. I would so laugh if you and Ryan got paired together though
  2. Well I want sounds, i.e. piano sounds, but I have no reason for extra synth sounds. I don't have a casio, I don't like casios. At the moment my lessons are on a roland stage piano, before I was on a Yamaha clavinova and at home I have a little Yamaha PSR-260 (I used to have a PSR-19, in the days before touch sensitivity). By the looks of things i'm going to have to save up an extra grand to get a clavinova . But there is this I have my eye on which is a Yamaha DGX-630 for £500, or for an extra £50 I could get a Yamaha YDP141 (Arius Model). I know i'd have to get an amp/speaker for a stage piano, and I have my eye on a Yamaha P85, but I just don't know the differences between them all!
  3. Thanks, I do love Yamaha <3. I'm not after one with sounds, I have my keyboard for that, I just want one that will be as close as possible to sounding and feeling like a real piano.
  4. Hallo, I'm saving up a good £700 (it will take a while) to buy myself a new piano. No where to put, along with not enough money, to get a proper upright or baby grand so was thinking about getting an electric piano. Problem is, which one to do for. I've always played on a touch sensitive keyboard, and def want rid. I had my lessons when I was wee on a Yamaha Clavinova, and I really like them, and there cheep as well, but i've seen some Roland stage pianos and i'm not quite sure the difference, apart from clavinovas looking nicer. Any help, suggestions or differences between the two would be loved. Also, I don't want a korg or casio brand, I'm not a fan.
  5. Ah well, weak-willedness for the motha uckin win :happy:

  6. Herro, I R weak-willed :LOL:

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