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  1. uh oh i thought that was fan noimead..... i heard tell that muse were coming back for a last show in the olympia. can anyone confirm that?
  2. ca bhfuil mo madra anois agus cen tam a bhi an dinnear ag redail...ok, not too sure what that means especially seeing as i think i just made the word redail up. and my keyboard doesnt have any fadas on it cos its french. go irish, we love you!
  3. you obviously want to tell us all how you did, so go on, spit it out.
  4. im back from france this morning - a whole month void of internet but now here i am. yes i say we should have a meet up, but as i mentioned before,it should be in september cos then more people are likely to be not away, if you see what i mean......yep.
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