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  1. Ok I don't want to become an annoying nuisance, but I'm just really curious to find out if this is THE MATT BELLAMY'S PROFILE or just a hoax that a fan set up?? It just seems odd that your join up date is 07-03-2003. I would expect that if you are the real Matt, then you are likely to be very busy most of the time so the chances of getting a reply would still be slim anyway! Does Dom & Chris visit this site/have their own profile page as well? I understand that you get this sort of thing from fans all the time so I imagine I'm not the first. I would just like to get the chance to somehow make contact with you, there is just so much I would love to ask you! It just really frustrating that a band that is basically my life, eludes me. I've never come close to seeing you live and I've known you since I very first saw New Born on TOTP! Mind you if your headlining Reading festival 2009 I'm sorted :)! Sorry for the ramble again!

    Take care!!!

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