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  1. Hello Matt! (if this is you or not) I read the article on MuseWiki on the whole qua@aol.com stuff! To be honest if I had known back then, I would have been one of the many thousands of people who tried to contact you (as I am now really) as well! Er if you are the real Matt (or someone who knows him well) would it be possible if I interview you, Chris and Dom sometime for my student Media company please?? I would love to find out the truth about the "globe incident" and other intriguing stories my mum's friend tells me (aparantly she was 'that' babysitter!) Although any response/info would be greatly appreciated! Please get back in touch even if it is just the once!

    btw I came across this on You Tube and it made my smile: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=0aOXybM-ZzQ&feature=related

    Thanks for all those priceless moments and spectacular live shows (even though I've never been to them)

    A very ardent & passionate fan!


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