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  1. are u serious? that would look pretty good actually! in black and white! hmmmmm... i dont know if id get i done but would like to see some1 with it! i just need to save up some money now for mine!
  2. u should get a star! every1 likes stars! lol stars look really good on the elbow! i might get that done sometime too! but for now im concentrating on the muse tattoo!
  3. it may be personal but most people wouldn't know what the hell it was about! i'd rather get something that muse allready have like the logo! rather than make my own because it wouldn't be muse!
  4. the microcuts people dont seem... i dunno... just different.... lol they all hate the idea of a muse tattoo, but its not as if people are gonna see it every minute of every day! it'll hidden most of the time and only the people closest to me will c it! unless im on holiday in the sun! lol and even then people will that guys got a muse tattoo! what a twat! i dont care! they prob like "blazin squad"
  5. i had a henna in turkey and i had one in india last year they lasted about 3 weeks! lol, nothing really bad about them! they look kinda fake, but are good if want a real one but dont know what its gonna look like on you! try the henna first if ur not too sure what its gonna turn out like!
  6. lol i'll have the logo tattooed on my right side just above my nipple and stand in the same position as the shadows on the absolution cover! then it wouldn't look out of place! lol
  7. yea i know what u mean.., but my tastes havn't changed since 1999 and have no intention to do so! if i do go off muse, very unlikely, the tattoo will remind of what a great band they were (are) and i'll start listening to them again!
  8. y would muse have a tattoo of muse? its like getting ur own name tattooed on ur back or somthing! n e ways iv taken all ur comments into consideration and then ignored them! lol every 1 has a different opinion, some like it some dont etc so i'll just get 1! cheers 4 ur views thou! i'll post a pic once its done! next month prob!!
  9. every1s saying not to get the logo of muse cos its crap! however im not getting the tattoo because i like the logo im gettting it cos i love the band!!!! i'll prob get it where jonny knoxville has got his "madison"
  10. dunno where this thread should go!...but hey!.... does n e 1 have a muse tattoo or know of n e 1 that does? if so got a pic? im seriously considering it, but dont know where on my body to get it! any ideas!? cheers!
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