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    Activist. Little white lies, to help you survive.. is there no guilt in your mind??? What happened to you and your ideas? What happened to all your hopes and fears?? Ex-teenage rebel, same old story..
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    Gekkenhuis, Utrecht, The Netherlands, KRAKEN GAAT DOOR!!!
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    Subhumans, V.Underground, Syd Barrett, Muse, Crass, Conflict, Cock Sparrer, S.Pumpkins, Oxymoron, Spin Docs, Aus-Rotten, One Way System, Antischism, Björk, Kinks, Doors, PIL, X-Ray Spex, Wire, Oi Polloi, Joy Division, AFX, ATR, Poison Girls, UB40
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    My job? Fighting ignorance and apathy, trying to make a difference in this corrupt and fucked up world! SUPPORT, PEOPLE!!! THINK GLOBALY, ACT LOCALY!!!!!! GET YOUR FUCKING ACT TOGETHER!!!!! EDUCATE AND RESIST!!!!!!! oh, and Ryan Gosling <3 (: hi
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  1. Love your signature! ;)

  2. oh wow i REALLY really love them! especially the last two i love the first one as well but the brie's getting a little old for me but i LOVE the expressions on the faces,, youve got that down really well! good job!
  3. hey haha sorry i didnt see this earlier.. yep it was take it ur a big fan? I used to be a HUGE Offspring fan b4 they changed and i found Muse .. sorry to go off topic i'm in on trying the henna first incase you get bored of it
  4. Well boo hoo sorry haze but if its so bad u didnt have to answer and i used search but couldnt find any.. and if i missed the rest then sorry the mods can take it away easily tnx for posting anyway and thanks to everyone for your feedback!!! haha im not quite sure what everything is at the mo.. but i'm working on it and hopefully i can ask someone else if they can help me out so far i might be considering a Vintage SG and some kind of Ibanez.. oh one more question.. when you guys bought your first electric guitar, did u notice that the people who worked in the shop we're realkly trying to help you with chosing? Or more just trying to make money? Are there any tips that you could give me maybe??? thanks again
  5. Hey guys i was just wondering if anyone could help me, i haven't seen this thread posted before so.. I'm planning on buying an electric guitar in June, i now only play the accoustic (about 3/4 of a year) and am getting the hang of it pretty quick, but my lessons only start in September. Can anyone help me out as to which guitars i should take a look at as a beginner, not the cheapest but not too expensive?? I was thinking some kind of Fender or Ibanez.. anyone who can help me out who knows more on the subject?? cheers
  6. haha lol i know it says Venus in the booklet but i thought he just said peace... i heard another 1 as well on the Absolution cd but cant remember which 1 cause ive lost it :'( penis will arise also not a Muse one but from Nirvana the 1st time i heard Lithium i thought Kurt said: I'm so horny, thats ok my willy's good
  7. i like the idea of a Muse tatoo.. maybe not the logo, probably sumthing completely different.. but i love the word Muse and the way Muse have given it more meaning.. it just resembles emotion and art and inspiration to me.. haha sounds gay i know but its true... i'd get it sumwhere on my back me thinks show us sum pics when its done if u get it done!!!
  8. Worst: Hysteria (cause they werent in it and that guy was ) Best: changes all the time.. usually Bliss and the Muscle Museum vid with the live pieces n stuff
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