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  1. Apparently not. In which case, I think they need to disregard the results.
  2. I think if modding is going to be changed on the basis of the results of that survey, general consensus or otherwise, it needs to be repeated with an announcement so that a wider sample of people can give an opinion. /2cents.
  3. Yeah, I'm kind of miffed about this too. I would have really liked to contribute but because I tend to only visit banter and don't comb through the rest of the board/new posts for interesting things (because that would take more time than I have), I didn't get to respond to the survey. An announcement would have been really helpful, and I'm pretty sure there are more than me who would have liked to give an opinion and never saw it.
  4. I'm really glad, you're not pestering at all. That sounds really positive :)

  5. It might be easier/ more interesting to do something a bit wider, like looking at the effect of rock music on popular culture or something, using Muse as case study.
  6. Double poke!

  7. Okay. If I can skive the day I'll come pick you up at the airport, otherwise I'll meet you later on in town :happy:

  8. You still staying at mine In two weeks? When will you be getting in to Glasgow?

  9. So you keep saying :p

  10. No not like me :p

  11. Oh my word, the number of noobs on this wall :facepalm:

  12. STUBERT do you know a useful garage somewhere nearish me?

  13. Hai you! I miss you.

  14. Sloosh

    Nah, I pretty much just wanted to get on with it. I can't believe you've thought about this stuff already, you're only 11! Good for you though.

  15. Sloosh

    I didn't take a gap year, but whether it's best to is really down to the person.

  16. Sloosh

    Yes, it takes time but I wouldn't worry about it. You can learn a lot as you go along.

  17. Sloosh

    Yep, starting fifth year in a month anyway. Hopefully I'm going to be a paediatrician.


    Do you want to be a neuroscientist or a neurologist?


    You should do some first aid courses and things, it's a good start and it looks good on your ucas form when you get there. Be careful offering advice/help to friends if you're not qualified, it can bite you in the arse.


    Med school is good fun :) You'll have a great time.

  18. Yes. What pub, when? Come back to Glasgow :supersad:

  19. DANIEL I miss you. And your attention is required in your love boat.

  20. Time Passes Days run together. I was drunk last night, the night before? Last week? I can't remember when I last ate, it's been days, weeks, months hours. My throat is dry. Time passes, I can tell by the light, it is dark, then light again and the world moves on a little. Days go by, one by one then all together. It's meaningless and I don't really know who you are.
  21. I'm at Glasgow uni, what do you need?

  22. Both. I'm bored, I got asked to sit out cause the patient has a penis lurgy :( Although this way at least I don't have to look at it.


    I don't have a racket... why would I have a racket?

  23. I definitely shouldn't. I am such a noob. I'm sure I drank more than that in London but it didn't seem to have the same effect >_< Aww :( You can play squash with me some time, you'll beat me into the ground.

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