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  1. I'm really glad, you're not pestering at all. That sounds really positive :)

  2. Double poke!

  3. Okay. If I can skive the day I'll come pick you up at the airport, otherwise I'll meet you later on in town :happy:

  4. You still staying at mine In two weeks? When will you be getting in to Glasgow?

  5. So you keep saying :p

  6. No not like me :p

  7. Oh my word, the number of noobs on this wall :facepalm:

  8. STUBERT do you know a useful garage somewhere nearish me?

  9. Hai you! I miss you.

  10. Sloosh

    Nah, I pretty much just wanted to get on with it. I can't believe you've thought about this stuff already, you're only 11! Good for you though.

  11. Sloosh

    I didn't take a gap year, but whether it's best to is really down to the person.

  12. Sloosh

    Yes, it takes time but I wouldn't worry about it. You can learn a lot as you go along.

  13. Sloosh

    Yep, starting fifth year in a month anyway. Hopefully I'm going to be a paediatrician.


    Do you want to be a neuroscientist or a neurologist?


    You should do some first aid courses and things, it's a good start and it looks good on your ucas form when you get there. Be careful offering advice/help to friends if you're not qualified, it can bite you in the arse.


    Med school is good fun :) You'll have a great time.

  14. Yes. What pub, when? Come back to Glasgow :supersad:

  15. DANIEL I miss you. And your attention is required in your love boat.

  16. I'm at Glasgow uni, what do you need?

  17. Both. I'm bored, I got asked to sit out cause the patient has a penis lurgy :( Although this way at least I don't have to look at it.


    I don't have a racket... why would I have a racket?

  18. I definitely shouldn't. I am such a noob. I'm sure I drank more than that in London but it didn't seem to have the same effect >_< Aww :( You can play squash with me some time, you'll beat me into the ground.

  19. Not really, just back to work. I really want to have a nap but if I do I won't go back again this afternoon and I have work to do. Very tired though.

  20. So far I've had tea break, patient-not-turning-up break, visiting-my-gp-break (she took blood from my wrist, it hurt :() and now it's lunch time. And I took a fucklot of blood.

  21. Never! That was my tea break :p

  22. Morning you :kiss:

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