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  1. I couldn't get a thing through ticketmaster but got my seated tickets through seetickets woohoooo!
  2. This article was on the BBC news website and one of the links in the text (human connectome project) explains where the Muse got their album cover from Interesting stuff! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-21487016
  3. Fab as per usual what a great night - they never let us down!! The support weren't bad either . . . I still think the older songs get a much better reaction than the new! But they were all good. Happy days.
  4. I thought I had a swap for my standing tickets . . . but now it's not looking too certain argh! So I might still be on the lookout for seats so please pm if you have good seated tickets!! - leaving home in half an hour
  5. If ur interested please contact me 07594188617

  6. Hi, id like to swap with u, i have good seats on block 102 which is near the front of the stage. Thanks. Fr some reason im not sure if i have pm u cuz i cant see it in my sent inbox so im trying here

  7. How do I leave this project please? I joined, nothing really seemed to work / happen, and now I can't work out how to get out of it. Since joining I'm receiving hundreds of spam emails which isn't good at all
  8. If anyone wants some standing tickets, having thought long and hard I've decided I'll swap mine for seated if anyone fancies it. I've posted on the relevant thread but thought I'd also mention it here
  9. Hello!

    Glad you've got a lift sorted :-) I am using the train and staying overnight sorry

  10. where in north wales are you from I have tickets for me and the daughter for manchester but cant get there, if your going and you are up for a transport share i would cover all costs, i am from wrexham, i i am willing to travel so far for a pick up as i, i have acar but the clutch is slipping so dont want to chance manchester

  11. wow it's even better when you watch the video to go with it!! Where can I see the whole thing?
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