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    isn't this a biography?
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    Melbourne, Australia
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    Muse, Music(play drums / bass / learning acoustic guitar) listening to music also, Movies,Blizzard Games, books
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    studying Multimedia
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    my musical tastes are so diverse, that it makes this section too hard
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    star wars
    kevin smith movies
    the princess bride
    empire records
    the hangover
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    Grimm / Game of Thrones and many many more
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    GoT / Hunger games / Space stuff
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    Every album
    last two Deluxe Collectors Edition
    Few singles here and there
    Drumstick from Sept '04 in Melbourne
    Harmonica from Helsinki thanks to a lovely lady (Some people call her the MUSE MUM
  • Muse Concerts Attended / Attending
    Janurary '04 / Sept 04 / Jan 06 / Nov 07 and every other time they tour Australia, though I want to see them live in England
  1. i have the album I bought back then 20yrs ago, but my computer wont read the data files on it
  2. Hi Everyone, I have been a fan of MUSE since 2000, and the first time I heard Muscle Museum on the radio, went and bought the cd, then listened to the whole albume and fell in love. At this same time, I can't remember where I saw this but, I am pretty sure there was a computer screensaver on the album. with the intro to Cave. Does anyone else remember this, and know where I can see it, or available to download? Thanks in advance
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