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  1. Ayo, new heavy and proggy track for y'all!
  2. New single! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCrv9UxxVDg
  3. Now also in video form! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JGClb8I574
  4. What's up! Maraton has a new single out! Hopefully some of y'all remember the band. I'm not technically a member anymore, but I wrote and produced this song back in the day. I guess I'm like a songwriter/producer for them now, but I'm not performing live anymore. Suits me fine, I like making stuff. Anyway, here's the track 'Blood Music'. Spotify: https://goo.gl/2DRD1D Tidal: https://goo.gl/hxg6zJ Itunes: https://goo.gl/TE6YRq
  5. You can't right now. I actually quit the band a year ago, but they have a new guitarist now and are gonna release the record in a few months.
  6. Probably the most ridiculous song I've ever written. Lots of fuzz bass, lots of tempo and time signature changes, and huge backing vocals. https://soundcloud.com/maratonband/spectral-friends
  7. I like to base all my choruses on very basic chords like straight up major/minor chords, but when we record I always fuck with the voicing. I think the voicing shoud be correct, but I don't have a guitar in front of me. I'll just post the tabs in the very basic order the chords are played: 0--0--0---0--0--0--0 3--0--7---0--0--0--0 0--5--0--12--5--7--8 4--7--5---0--0--0--0 5--0--7---9--3--5--7 5--0--7--10--5--7--8 I use this style of voicing for most of the record, even though they're pretty bog standard bar some open strings For some reason I find them more "visually" pleasing than their standard counterparts
  8. Just a heads up. We might release another track from the album tomorrow. It's the heaviest thing we've ever done, and in my opinion it has the best chorus of any of our songs. edit: Aaaaand it's up! [soundcloud]https://soundcloud.com/maratonband/altered-state[/soundcloud]
  9. All guitars were done through my Axe-FX. Probably used a bunch of the British cabs, and mostly the 57 and U47 emulations for mics. I also used my old PodXT for some synth-guitar parts.
  10. We used fresh strings for each track, so that might contribute to it. The Tele was also louder in the mix. Mira has a coil-tap as well, could have been what I used.
  11. I'm using three guitars on the record, a PRS Mira, a Fender Tele American Deluxe, and a Fender Jaguar. All of them have stock pickups etc. The Tele is used on pretty much every song, and I think for Change of Skin the other channel is the Mira. They complement eachother pretty well, giving it a nice mix of humbucker and single-coil tones. The amp was an AC30 and a Fat Rat.
  12. Actually, that was just a stereo mix of a rough take I did for the demo. You can actually hear the slight change in guitar tone in the B note that hits right before the C triplets. All that stuff was from the demo. The sound was just one of the basic Axe-FX presets that comes as standard. You can hear one of the early demos here: http://simenruud.com/div/monoferric.mp3 - around 01:10. Some other demos: Everything That I Am: http://simenruud.com/div/emoll2.mp3 Seismic: http://simenruud.com/div/seismic.mp3
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