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  1. Yay! I've just been recruited as a Morgan in a Muse tribute band called Hullabaloo. https://www.bestmusetribute.co.uk
  2. Has anyone got a tuned enough ear to figure out the notes for the horn section on Pressure? Been messing about on the keys trying to pin it down, but struggling.
  3. I would say he was controlling a High Pass filter on the KP3.
  4. Do you folks have any full scale body/pickup cavity cutting templates in vector I could steal?
  5. Would anyone be able to recommend a bandsaw for guitar building? Is a budget of £200 realistic?
  6. Oeneus

    London Benefit

    Anyone had any luck?
  7. Oeneus

    London Benefit

    What a load of bullshit. So if we are the fans, and we didn't get tickets in the fan presale... something's gone wrong, surely.
  8. Oeneus

    London Benefit

    "Sorry, no matches currently... Many fans are shopping and some may have let their tickets go. You can try again, or you can explore one of the options below." That's what I'm getting. Urgh
  9. Oeneus

    London Benefit

    Same problem
  10. As tempting it may be, I'm not particularly fond of the MB shape. Much more in to the MA body. But I doubt they'll be making a sparkly red one anytime soon. Also, I kind of fancy a 7 string, hence building my own might be the way to go.
  11. I'm debating having a go at learning to build it myself. I was going to save this activity for my mid-life crisis, but I might just go ahead and have it now.
  12. Brief question: What is the scale length on Manson's Signature MB guitars? I noticed it's not mentioned on their specs on the Manson Guitar Works website, so it got me wondering.
  13. I use a Roland FP-50. It's awesome! If money is no object, many people bang on and on about the Nords.
  14. So what's the general consensus on the Cort MBC-1 at this stage? Are they actually any good?
  15. The treadle is calibrated correctly and works as it should without the MIDI controller. I have a feeling it something to do with the Ribbon strip itself. If I touch it to the far right it's one octave up and to the far left its at the correct/normal pitch. But when I release it, it's in the middle somewhere.
  16. So just had a raz on using a Whammy pedal with my Midi ribbon controller. It seems it's default state (when you don't touch the bugger) is somewhere in the middle. Well, 4 semitones above an "off" state. Any idea how to adjust this?
  17. Is anyone able to identify the organ/synth sample? I need to recreate that.
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