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  1. We're going on the Monday, think it's the 3rd. I'm really looking forward to it, such a good band live. So sad it's their final show though, it'll be a good send off i reckon! When are you off?
  2. The alexis pre-sale was rubbish wasn't it! Not long till that show now.. Hooray for easy pre-sales. Well done Muse!
  3. I spoke to Crowdsurge today after two days of waiting for an e-mail and the lady explained that basically the e-mails that had been issued, for whatever reason, were not being allowed through to certain e-mail hosts, in particular Googlemail (which was mine)! If you haven't recieved an e-mail you can call and they can basically do a search to see if you've been lucky enough to get tickets. The phone number was posted on here earlier but this is it again: 08450508258 She did add they had re-sent the e-mails but i still haven't recieved one but at least i know whether i was successful! What a shambles!
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