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  1. all i know is that when I blast map of the problematique in my car, everything sounds like mush, but if i play something like muscle museum all the highs are crisp and the lows are nice and punchy.
  2. "Dark Side of the Poon" - A sprawling porn epic! "White Suspender Theory" - Matt seems to favor them as of late.... "Radiocred" - What band wouldn't want Radiohead's media credibility? "Pedro is my Lover" - A collection of 12 piano based love songs.
  3. they've played BHaR in its entirety the past two times i've been to Tower Records, makes the visit very nice
  4. you guys are good, like your guitar parts, your singer has a good voice too, just needs a little more control over it
  5. am i wrong for not wanting to listen....
  6. This is my band Godot (pronounced Guh-Doh ) and we're from the DC area in the US. There are two tracks posted, New Year's Eve, and Stay Sane. So please give a listen and let us know what you think. http://www.myspace.com/godotband
  7. no i was wearing the confusing tan shirt standing next to the tall kid with shaggy hair and glasses. i had my hands resting on a monitor for most of the show. hahah the stage man warned me and my friend not to touch any of the beer.
  8. my god.....the cooper temple clause was god awesome. i was right in front of ben and i could have grabbed his pants if i wasn't afriad he would have tambourined me in the face hahahaha. but yeah, despite alot of guitar problems they still kicked extreme ass, i was very suprised by there performance of amber, and new toys was orgasmic. i grabbed ben's water bottle after the show but the retards at the front door wouldn't let me take it, but it was still awesome. i'm praying that they'll come back around the DC area VERY soon.
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