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  1. £84 for a seated ticket! You are having a fucking laugh! Think Muse are under the impression they are at the same level of Rolling Stones or Fleetwood Mac... they are not!
  2. Have you got a link? Can't seem to find it anywhere. Ta
  3. hi hun you ok?

    hope you're ok.


  4. with the Plug in Baby id say you could add some detail on the guitar in black n grey. maybe get the body n strings on there. some nice shading would look amazing.
  5. No problem, I adore lyrical tattoos. X3

  6. No need to thank me, its awesome :happy: <3

  7. Heya. Thanks for the nice comment on the tattoos page about mine. It means a lot. Good to have nice people on the threads.



  8. Thanks. Yeah have a lot to thank Muse for. So combining

    my love of tattoos & Muse is the best idea ever! Sorry for the double message, new board is confusing.


    What's your next idea then?

  9. hey thanks ya it was from a shirt design they had a while ago


    i love the ones you have especially the B@H clouds its really awesome!



    im going to be getting another one(or two lol) next week ill be posting more pics of those when i gte them lol

  10. Hey I love your Muse tatoo! Great design from a T-shirt wasn't it?


    I have two Muse tats myself. I have put them up on the Super Mega thread.

  11. First of all I am so happy to get the tickets for O2 and am looking forward to a cracking show. But I must say I went to Ebay to take a look and I am furious to see how many touts there are this year! One person is selling 2 standing for £300! I think it's gone far too far this time and the government or someone needs to step in and shut these people down. Whenever a tout turns up on Ebay the site should revoke their profile and then relay their info to Seetickets or Ticketmaster to refund their money and take back the ticket so real fans can purchase them. Sure it will be difficult for some weeks/months but after then the touts would have finally gotten the point. It's a very sad thing to know there are many of us real fans and nothing beats having a fans experience, like we all muse.mu members at RAH, and I was hoping we'd have that at O2. Now, thanks to tout CUNTS the people who deserve the tickets won't be able to go and see the music that enlightens them! Fucking CUNT touts! I'm sorry for the language musers but, despite getting my tickets, I am furious on everyone's behalf. Lets just hope they book a Wembley Stadium date for the summer!
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