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  1. Well, he uses more than one channel for the studio version, definitely. As to what he uses live, probably some sort of drive effect + a synth bass effect. Just get any old bass overdrive and turn the drive up a lot. Combine that with a chorus or a synth effect and you've got the basic idea covered.
  2. Don't we have an infinite paged topic for plugging your own band somewhere? Good stuff, though. Solid songs and great sounding recordings of them.
  3. It's all up to preference. I've got my (bass) whammy first in my fx-chain. I use the dry out for my tuner. Modulation sounds good pichtshifted as well.
  4. Ye gods! I had to browse to page 7 to find this topic! Anyway, I've got two rehearsal recordings to share. They're a bit crappy, but hopefully you can still enjoy our latest two songs. The Second The Rhythm
  5. we live by the no-budget code, so a studio isn't likely yet... plus i think our recordings turned out quite nice (i've heard studio recording that sounded a lot worse) anyway, we'd like to play some gigs soon... we're currently debating if we think we're good enough to appeal to http://www.westfrieslandrocks.nl... bottomline: if you're looking for an opening band to make you look better, give us a call anyway, when we get our live act together again we might look into recording a new demo to reflect our new 4-piece status
  6. that is some tight playing right there, erik (from all involved)... nice songs as well where did you record?
  7. i remember posting intoxicated rehearsal versions of these songs and maybe some rough mixes i've been mixing and mastering these sessions for more than 6 months thanks for the kind words on a bass related note: i love my tone on Promise
  8. not sure if i've pluk-ed these versions before: Telos - Cradle Telos - Promise Telos - News Telos - Nothing Good
  9. i put my Bass Whammy first in my FX-chain, next are my 3 overdrive/distortion pedals and last is my delay... sounds best this way IMO
  10. it's basically a Strat... Starfield hasn't been around for about 10 years now thanks for the praise Eternallymused1!
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