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  1. Stuff like thats generally ok off the net. When you are starting to buy vintage gear though, they tend to vary from quality to quality and definitely second hand stuff has this issue so try to try but for most new stuff its ok to buy online so long as you've played a similar instrument
  2. damn i love stabbing westward. gotta be cool to get some praise from someone thats been in a proper band.
  3. newborn is predominantly clean. oh wait, im supposed to pm haze015
  4. sorry.. cant get away from the fact that its an encore, they really arent worth getting at all. Yamaha or maybe an epiphone les paul (looks the same) and plays a hell of a lot better. Not sure they make one in your price range though, my mate bought an sg special for £160 and it wasnt too bad.
  5. Big Muff -> Whammy -> Wah -> Phaser -> Delay is the way id do it.
  6. *bump* site update for http://www.redspace.tk with pics of us beautiful people. Check it out!
  7. Red Space: http://www.redspace.tk Songs: None recorded yet, our songs have official names but i only remember our names for them, its easier to shout the best one and have everyone know what you mean than shout lets play in the eyes of you and have to repeat yourself again.
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