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    I used to live in Essex, yet moved to Leicestershire in '99. I've played rugby for 10 years and thoroughly enjoy the company of girls. Lately, my life has revolved around Muse, 'lately' covering several years.... Now living in Hull. Nuff said.
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    MUSE, rugby, girls, MUSE, girls, oh, and my girlfriend... oops! Love ya Anna!!!
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    Wokring on collecting the lot, however I do have the Limited Edition Box Set of The Resistance! Gotta love that shiny little sticker
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    Birmingham NEC 2003 (i think)
    Sheffield Arena 2006
    Sheffield Arena 2009
  1. Hey guys, Just thought I'd throw this out there- I took the plunge and had my first tattoo done yesterday and wondered what you thought (it's a bit big hence the spoiler tag):
  2. Anyone know who to get in touch with for these ideas to be put forward?
  3. That would be epic! And we're standing... Could be a problem...
  4. Thanks peeps. Not sure how I'm gonna do it yet- want to make it good!
  5. Mr Kirk, hope you're well. I have a big question to ask- but it's not to you I'm afraid. However, I'm hoping you can help me make it unforgettable. If you think you may be able to help, please message me or email me at the address on my profile. Thanks :-)

  6. Anyone got extra plans for the concert? I'm going with my girlfriend who will hopefully leave as my fiance...
  7. I had the same problem - it was IE. Used chrome and it went through no issues
  8. ok, sorry for being a pain, but can someone who ordered their ticket from ticketmaster pm me? this bloke im looking to buy tickets from has mailed me the confirmation e-mail, i just need to check the details with a known original e-mail.... make sense?
  9. hey guys, just about to buy some tickets from a guy, but he's apparently only got a confirmation e-mail... is this the case across the board or am i possibly being duped...?
  10. I've been to sheffield for a few gigs now, this is my second time for muse. The entire place just explodes when they play, its a fantastic experience! I CANT WAIT!!! Still waiting for an offer of a lift from hull though...
  11. ah, ok. dunno why i never saw that... lol. im at meadowhall... glad my girlfriends driving up I gotta get the train from hull i think, unless another muser wishes to give me a lift.... *hint hint*?
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