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  1. Darn it. No code.... Was really looking forward to taking my 8 year old daughter to her first Muse gig in Copenhagen (as I did with my son back in 2003, for his 8 year birthday)... really annying!!
  2. ... I thought about what if were like LCP ? Now its seems like we indeed are. Like David Icke has been telling for years, and the CIA has recently disclosed, seems like we're holograms living in 'not' reality.
  3. ... That you cannot buy a HD version of ST. I bought the HD versions of 2nd Law and Drones and they are so much better sounding. I WANT ST IN HD! Bought the super deluxe LP and CD pack hoping that there would be a dl link or something.
  4. 14/28 .... damn ... er der nogen der er bedre? Ku godt bruge lidt hjælp!
  5. Why hasnt there been any 'Best of Muse' CD ? Because all the tracks are best!!
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