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  1. I am expecting a full-fledged vendetta one can actually try an go to this http://www.nbc.com/tickets/ last time they played at SNL we got girls in white stockings and santa outfits
  2. Live tab in iTunes??? so one has to have itunes to watch it?
  3. Lol , I translated it to Russian and my hubby left me
  4. почему не ждать? ждите два с половиной года
  5. they have send a link to the Muse performance on their twitter too Warner Bros. Records‏@wbr If you didn't get to see @MUSE perform "Survival" on the #Olympics closing ceremony last night, you can watch it here: http://bit.ly/MYnHzH
  6. no they cut it out and moved from the human canon right into Queen. Epic fail. I am so glad I planned ahead and watched it live.
  7. i am going to watch it live, not sure if NBC will be with a delay again. for the openning ceremony I used this service to be able to watch it live on BBC site, it was super easy http://www.unblock-us.com/
  8. yeah, but later I can brag about it on muse fourms. worth every cent. so chrome-covered piano will look like this???
  9. 20 best Muse songs i like the list even though Recess did not make a cut http://www.nme.com/blog/index.php?blog=147&p=12557&title=20_best_muse_songs_as_voted_by_you&more=1&c=1
  10. No it was not the first performance, the first was in their native town. I was there inside the theater at MTV Misic Video Awards, so feel free to ask questions if you have more. Tom told me before the gig that Matt plans to go outside, the rumor spread and there were people waiting for him to go out, but no too many, not really a big crowd.
  11. my mom always buys VIP tickets to MUSE gigs, I envy her it was a cool way of expressing his appreciation
  12. which makes me think it means some sort of a process, or whatever happenes in the brain during some activity, like listening to a song or something like that
  13. tickets are still available. at $1885. I am considering.
  14. so why did they pick that particular one? what does it represent? some sort of process in the brain, like during a certain activity???
  15. Nice one, works on my iphone. Strange that it was not officially announced.
  16. heartbeat instead of crying
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