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  1. haha well my muse time did have 3 truly awful gigs from the 8 viewings. Good setlist on saturday though that run after Ruled by Secrecy bored me so so much. For that reason I wont be going again unless it's small venues and/or they start making rock music again

  2. I'll be alright but thanks for the concern. I have Foals now to keep me occupied. Yeah i'm expecting Wembley to be awful lol

  3. I'm majorly busy at work, doubt i'll be on much for a few weeks. That and I've got bored with bitching about Muse :LOL:

  4. :kiss: Hope you get home ok :happy:
  5. Hehe next time you come over bring a racket and we'll book a court :) Haha it's probably cumulative :p or you drank a lot quickly? I however am hangover free but still useless today :supersad:

  6. Maybe you shouldn't have gone out last night :p Aww, I wanted a nap too but I'm eating chili now yum yum. I'm still upset about my squash fail last night :'(

  7. Aww, poor wrist/you. I have to work until 9pm tonight :( Leicester is actually further away from Glasgow too :( Any exciting plans this afternoon?

  8. Well I've had tea break, elevensies, walk to the shops and now it's lunch break and then pre-Leicester trip break :LOL::kiss:

  9. do some work! :p

  10. I can't stop giggling. Then I remembered that a) they used to be my favourite band and b) I'm still seeing them twice this year. Fucking Bellamy!

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