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  1. En general, un proveedor da 30 días a un cliente antes de considerarlos tarde en sus pagos prestamos con asnef rapidos. Este período de indulto es el período actual, pero se diferencia entre las empresas, sobre la base de la industria. Las empresas que trabajan en la industria alimentaria exigirán que ser pagado antes de 30 días debido a la naturaleza perecedera de los bienes, a diferencia de las empresas que trabajan en la industria del acero, que será satisfecho con los pagos realizados en 90 días o menos antes de tener un cliente correr oficialmente tarde. Si usted va a los extremos, mega tiendas que ofrecen los precios más competitivos para los consumidores requieren para pagar a sus proveedores en 120 días antes de ser considerados tarde; una ventaja que explotan debido a su estado. Normalmente las empresas más imponentes decidir sobre el plazo de pago a los proveedores

  2. Sup buddy. Happy Birthday!!

  3. i'm alright, i guess :)


    Yeah, getting along with "sleep" is a difficult task sometimes.


    The pics are going well, indeed, just costly :p gonna drop 6 rolls now by the lab to have it developed, but i'm affraid of going there later to pick it up and pay! lol


    for the rest, all teh same...

  4. Oh cool! :) Yeah, I'm good... very busy though... See ya on Facebook then! :D Hope I'll be able to be on there more often soon :) Take care!

  5. Tired! Does that surprise you? :p

    Had actually given up on trying to sleep for an hour, and have now came to the computer to drink tea and try again...


    What up with you? I see the 0ldskool photography thingy is going along well...

  6. hey, i just saw i may have sent you a friend request on facebook (Giu is da name)... :p Anyway... HIIIIII!


    it's been a while since we talked. I hope you're good :)

  7. *random spam dot com* How are you, Gil?

  8. dunno, it's just interesting and cheap. Mostly interesting, if you still pay to develop the films anyway. All the funny angle, shapes, shadows, accidental exposures and so on.


    My digital is, so far, good enough for what my skills are! lol


    But yeah, i got an analog camera. The Canon EOS 300... pretty good, cheap (2nd hand) and although i have to clean it and the lenses are the simplest possible, it still does a good job. But i bought it thinking of taking the course, which means that so far it's being used as a lightmeter for the pinhole exposures! lol

  9. ha, it'd be a bit of a jump, moving to a state of the art DSLR from a fucking BOX WITH A HOLE :LOL: I'm willing to sell you my 400D as soon as I buy a better one/break it :p


    yeah, it does sound silly, but why are you so into that pinhole thing? Never mind digital, you can get a decent film camera for not a lot of money, and I'm pretty sure you'd be able to control your picture-taking much better, no?

  10. and still notposting on a decent flickr or something? You should be ashamed!


    bout the 400D, if u'd be willing to buy it for me, i won't complain :p


    I think i'll start a course too soon, don't know how good it is, but it's better than nothing. I'm dedicating most of my time to pinhole photography so it'd be useful to learn how to develop the film.... spending 1€ to build a camera and paying 3,5€ to develop just doesnt make sense :p

  11. Nothing much... Finishing my photography course in a bit...

    What about you? I've seen you in the photography thread....

    GET a CANON 400D :p

  12. lol incredibly this time was faster. What've you been up to?

  13. Yes. But I still suck at sleeping :(

    Catch you in a month or so? :p

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