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    since 1981 i am living for music
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    normaly vienna / at present istanbul
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    sex drugs and rock n roll baby... what else?
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    university student
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  1. escape ... on my nape just wanted too much... left upper arm - but on the inside next one... hoodoo ..behind my right ear i've got some more ...but they doesn't have sth to do with muse
  2. burda bana böyle söylediler.. marginal = alternative vienna marginal gencler muse dinliyorlar
  3. fine fine.. almanyada oturuyorsun ve türk bide muse diniyorsun.. senin orda cok *marginal türk var mi ki?
  4. ben sizle türkce konusmak isterdim ama benim türkcen hic güzel degil... onun icin burda hic bir sey yazmiyorum
  5. not easy.. but here is mine: Dead Star Ashamed Yes Please Stockholm Syndrom New Born Citizen Erased Hyper Chondriac Music Escape The Small Print Muscle Museum Plug in Baby The Groove Micro Cuts Cave Uno Darkshines Butterflies and Hurricanes Space Dementia Please Please Please let me get what i want Hysteria
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