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  1. yep, just a pitch shifter quality solo to play, took me a while to crack it, tapping is class best thing i found, is to watch others play it, easier than being confused by a tab
  2. my mother or father have never been fussed with language in music, swearing is nothing, theres bigger things for parents to get worked up about. i do remember once playing newborn in the car with my dad and he was loving the intro, then the guitar kicks in and he said 'well thats ruined!' tut tut, he dosnt have a clue but i think he has more respect these days as ive worked my arse off on guitar to play this stuff
  3. british punk is stupidly hurrendous, the musicianship is appalling
  4. i think it may be because there was only 11 (i think) tracks on the cd, meaning the hardcore fans had to buy the DVD for the full show, but also hardcore fans needed the CD which featured darkshines, the only one missing, jammy gits really
  5. oh yes, its rock music, its meant to be loud, in your face and piss off the neighbours!!!
  6. one would usually think thats a good thing...but judging by your lack of happiness, im assumin she aint one thats pleasin to the eye...
  7. quick question, does anyone know if the live version is anything like what will be the studio version? (not sure if its leaked or not, not on top of these things!) cos part of the reason why im keepin my distance from this song is that i know how much muse songs change live (admiteddly they havent had much time to stick anymore imagination to it but you never know!) and id hate to be dissapointed with the album version thought thats not possible
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