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  1. hi it's time for my biannual post here. I recently invested in a Line6 Helix, has anyone else got or used this, and are there any recommended settings for a good muse style fuzz? a lot of the fuzz models seem to sound either really scooped in the mids, or really harsh on the high end. before I got the helix I had an old Boss ME-50, and I used to run the big muff fuzz model with all the bass cut out into the the overdrive channel of my amp, and it actually worked surprisingly well. however as the models on the helix more closely resemble the controls of the actual pedals, there's no bass control for the big muff/triangle fuzz I have a couple of ideas on how to get closer to the sound, I've started to use a parallel signal with an overdrive to fatten out the fuzz a little, it works to an extent but I need to figure out the balance between the two signal paths first. the other thing is obviously using some kind of equalisation, I know that you typically put an EQ quite early in the signal chain, but since I'm trying to specifically affect the fuzz signal, would it be worth placing one after the fuzz?
  2. watching the austin360 gig back that they broadcast on facebook (here), looks like matt has at least 2 new guitars with floyd rose bridges, one matt black and one that looks silver. played the black one during psycho and the silver for hysteria
  3. you could try moving the mic further away from the cab, and further away from the centre of the speaker cone. also definitely try using a room mic as well, although it might need some trial and error to find a position for the room mic that works well with the close mic
  4. ok it's taken a while for me to find any good quality videos of this song where you can get some idea of what matt plays live in the bridge (ie "I won't let you control my feelings any more" onwards) but I think I've got enough now to have a stab at it. obviously the album version is just two different guitar parts playing octaves so I haven't bothered tabbing that out so here's what I've got for the live version I won't let you control my feelings any more e|--------------------------------------------------------- B|------------------------------------------5-------------- G|-7-------------------9-----------10---------------------- D|--------------------------------------------------------- A|-5-------------------7-----------8--------4-------------- D|--------------------------------------------------------- and I will no longer do as I am told e|--------------------------------------------------------- B|----------------6---------8---------8-------------10----- G|--------------------------------------------------------- D|------------------------------------5-------------7------ A|----------------5---------5------------------------------ D|--------------------------------------------------------- and I am no longer afraid to walk alone e|--------------------------------------------------------- B|----------10-------------------------10------------------ G|----------9--------------------------10------------------ D|----------7--------------------------7------------------- A|--------------------------------------------------------- D|--------------------------------------------------------- let me go let me be e|--------------------------------------------------------- B|---11---------------------------------------------------- G|---10---------------12--------------14------------------- D|---8----------------8---------------10------------------- A|--------------------------------------------------------- D|--------------------------------------------------------- I'm escaping from your grip e|--------------------------------------------------------- B|---------------------------------------15---------------- G|-----14--------------------------------14---------------- D|-----11--------------------------------12---------------- A|--------------------------------------------------------- D|--------------------------------------------------------- you will never own me again e|--------------------------------------------------------- B|---------15-------------------14------------------------- G|---------14-------------------14------------------------- D|---------14-------------------14------------------------- A|--------------------------------------------------------- D|---------------------------------------------------------
  5. the in your world style bit needs to be on the d (ie 4th) string
  6. yeah he's got it back out for knights of cydonia and it looks more copper this time around (although the finish looks more even than the FRX one). no custom hardware by the look of it as nerd herd said edit: it's also fairly badly out of tune
  7. watching the radio 1 one big weekend performance at the moment and I can't tell for sure because the lighting is weird, but they're playing bliss and he's either using copper bomber and it now has a "proper" floyd rose bridge on it as opposed to the FRX bridge, or he has a new bomber style guitar. I'm leaning towards the latter because it looks more matte black than copper to me
  8. victory over the sun alternates between 7/4, 9/4 and 4/4. can't think of any other biffy songs in 5/4 off the top of my head, although a fair few of them have the odd bar here and there in a different time signature to the rest of the song
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