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  1. i didn't buy the muse DVD, but i'll be able to watch pete's. i haven't been paying a great deal of attention to upcoming shows cause lately chances seem greater that i won't be able to go than that i'll be able to go. but i did get tickets to see belle and sebastian next month, so that should keep me happy for a while. and i'm hoping to be able to get tickets for supergrass. good luck with the college pursuit and i hope something works out that you're happy with. i've always followed the traditional academic route so didn't experience the extra confusion you're having.
  2. oh, that's right, i haven't been on here in a while... happy belated birthday! now you can go to the 18+ shows, woo! just randomly, i wonder if we were at any of the same shows this fall. did you come up to see franz? how's applying to colleges going? if you don't me asking, what sort of schools are you looking at? my master of social work program is going well so far. certainly keeping me busy, but tomorrow is the last day of class before a much needed winter break.
  3. i hear what you're saying, but with me, it may be more of a lack of overall interest than just going through a phase where i listen to muse less frequently than i used to. i don't mean to be all negative about them, just expressing my change of heart. it's still a little too early to tell, but i seem to have been heading in that direction. i haven't had interest in following what they've been up to... wouldn't have known they were putting out stockholm here unless pete told me. yeah, there were nice folks on here. wonder where they've all gone?
  4. would you mind if i tried such a thing? well, no worries, matt's crotch isn't nearly as high on my priority list as it once was. probably the strangest touching-of-musicians episode i've witnessed was after a blur concert in london 4 years ago. i was getting damon albarn's autograph, and all these people swarmed around damon and tried to lay a hand on him. he was just covered, and people were stroking him like he was a dog or something, all the while not saying a word to him. it was an odd moment. and this doesn't have to do with groping, but before a blur concert in new york once, this girl shouted out, 'Bring out naked damon, I want to rape damon!' and several applauded her demand.
  5. i don't know if you know the whole story with that... but i was hanging out with that girl till i saw that you were outside. she wasn't even a big muse fan (she was asking me what their names were and if i could help point them out to her when they came outside). but she has a friend in macedonia who loves muse and never had the opportunity to see them, so this girl decided to have muse sign above her heart and then was going to take a picture of the signatures for the friend. if i were in her shoes, i'd probably just get the friend a signed CD...
  6. hehe, yeah, at least you got good contact. i'm sorry again about the picture (and for mixing up your identity... i feel dumb! but i've got it straight now). i've used other disposables where the flash automatically recharges, but it didn't work that way with the one i had on friday. there was the option of taking another picture, but matt didn't seem easy to pin down. i just seem to have bad luck with cameras and gigs. i was in the front row at a jj72 concert (one of my favorite bands) and my camera went dead on me. same camera didn't work when i was all set to have my picture taken with carl from the libertines. but, the experiences are more important.
  7. ok, the picture of me and dom is fine. the picture of me and matt... odd angle and the tops of our heads are cut off. oh well. at least you can all see matt's boots for yourself now. clearly he's more interested in his red sox paraphenelia (sp?) than his fans.
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