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  1. it's on the 'to listen' list! At the moment I keep playing this eleventy times:

  2. ADRIAN FUCKING BELEW. AFB! Oh I needed that this morning. Thank you! x

  3. Heehee! Bless you muchly xxx ENJOY!

  4. Haha, thank you! I had indeed but it's always good to listen again :D

  5. haaa, thanks n00ds! :D xx

  6. Depends what it is, hun :D Let me know what you need!

  7. Hey don't worry!! Easily sorted xx

  8. I'm glad it made you happy! :) Had a lot of beef today, haha.

  9. Localised time loop. Yes.

  10. hahaaa you rawk the most :D LOCALISED TIME LOOP! :happy:

  11. Hey fellow Southampton person! :D

  12. hi bb, I'm okay thanks :kiss: Just a giant emo haha.

  13. yeah, I see, but no. :p:LOL: You can only edit the posts you made in the beginning, right? Nobody else can edit your posts, unless he has access to your account.

  14. no dude, only mods can edit threads. :p What do you need?

  15. nah sorry :) only mods can do it

  16. Yeah can do! Just say you knows Dave's mate Gem heehee!

  17. OI OI geezaaah :)

    I asked Dave about Salisbury and he said he doesn't do musics anymore but message Robb at http://www.myspace.com/winchestergatelive. :D Or there's probably a group for the Winny Gate on Facebook too, I will find it. x

  18. thanks hun. I'm always aching somewhere! I will get to the bottom of it!

  19. NO LOL How dare you disagree with me :phu:

    You're awesome :D x

  20. HAHAHA thank you bb. Don't keep splittin', stick around and CHAT lol damnit. See you soon! x

  21. Gemsy

    Thank you sooo much for my Santa present, it was SO SWEET, and the minty sweeties are delicious! You're awesome, thanks again! gx

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