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  1. On the album version, the straight distorted guitar was mixed with a synth keyboard using some software.
  2. Try this for a bit of weirdness... Gate - 1:30 Comp - 1:30 (increase both until stab cuts out - roughly 1:30ish) Drive - 5:00 Stab - 7:00 Play and hold a note at the 22nd or higher fret and u get a weird random arpeggiator type sound. Play a note at the 29th fret (press down string above middle pickup) for best effect. Play g-string behind the nut for a stuttering sound... enjoy
  3. it sounds like groups of 4 notes in 16th rhythm so could it be (over gm) G, Bb, D, G then Bb, D, G, Bb and so on in ascending arpeggios and same with the A/C#, Dm and Bb chords?
  4. Is it not just... E--------- B----------3 --- --3--- G------2---2 -- --3---- D--3---2---0-- ---3----- A--3---4---0-- ---1---- D--3---2---0--- then the last one is--------
  5. The First Riff is D-0-1-2-3 A-0-1-2-3 D-0-1-2-3 The second is... A-0-3-0-5-0-3-0--0-3-0-5(bend half step)-5(bend half step- D-0-3-0-5-0-3-0--0-3-0-5(bend half step)-5(bend half step- A-0-3-0-5-0-3-0--0-3-0-xx-xx-xx-x D-0-3-0-5-0-3-0--0-3-0-xx-xx-xx-x And i cant remember the third... What was that egyptian/muscle museum style thing they jammed, not heartbreaker but the other thing
  6. theres something wrong with my computer so i cant open new windows so i dont know what guitar youve seen but.... i would go for a yamaha pacifica 112. cost about £160-180 and they play amazingly well. u wont get a muse type sound with a £200 guitar i wouldnt think. his cost up to £6000 and are filled with effects and stuff. if u really want muse sounds then save up and buy a fuzz factory or a digitech whammy later on.
  7. Cool thanks for that. Ive got that setting but with comp on 8 o' clock, Drive on 3 o' clock and i find that if i turn the volume on the fuzz to 12 o 'clock then it gets a far better sound!
  8. i tried that earlier and from 1-9.5 then the guitar is very tinny and lightly distorted and then if i turn it to ten then it suddenly full on distorts! anybody got a good setting for cave live on hullabaloo?
  9. My current setting is Gate - 8:30 Comp - 11:30 Drive - 11:30 Stab - 5:00 and if you for example play an f-minor barre chord then the the lower notes are very fuzzy and growly and the higher notes are unclear.
  10. Im having a bit o trouble with my fuzz. ive tried a million different types of fuzz but it still sounds like its farting!!!!!! when i play chords it sounds like when u play chords with a whammy, the notes are all unclear and muffled... what am i doing wrong!
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