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  1. As Madness is their biggest hit in the States, I can understand why they choose to show their poppy side and move the heavy rock to the back. It's a simple matter of audience pleasing and hardcore fan neglecting. I have strong feeling that the heavier songs will return during the European tour, including Reapers.
  2. Yeah, in Japan people are crazy, so you can play any weird rarity from your back catalogue. In the US people are more conservative, so as a band you have to be very careful and only play those songs that are easy to listen to. Smells like stereotyping.
  3. It's not an honest system; people could buy 8 tickets at once. That's way too much for such a wanted spectacle as this. I'd say 2 tickets max a person, maybe 4. There's probably going to be a third show.
  4. I think so. Or try with your mother's name
  5. I was able to buy standing tickets after 10AM. When I selected "standing tickets" it said there weren't any, but when I clicked something like "best tickets available", it did work and auto-selected standing tickets, so I'm glad.
  6. Is this Viagogo or one of these type of sites? They actually get the tickets from the organisation. It's all a big fraud. There's a documentary of it on Youtube: Edit: Mozza already explained it.
  7. Don't know why, but lately LiveNation tends to move away from Het Sportpaleis en Lotto Arena. Probably a business decision.
  8. My favs: Ruled By Secrecy - Pinkpop 2004, close to perfection The Small Print - Montreux Jazz 2002, there's no question here Fury - Zénith (2004) aka the falsetto version: New Born - Glastonbury 2004 Futurism - Tokyo 2013 Hyper Music - That tv show where he screams (2000) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXPS9pP1zs0 Showbiz - NPA in France 2000 (the hat, the scream, the guitar throwaway) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCsMf8Qv-Ck
  9. Am I the only one who thinks Revolt actually has some potential? It's a song like the use the do pre-Showbiz. Not their best, but it has a tempo-switch, sticky chorus, surfy guitar. I think it's ok, given the overall mediocre level of Drones.
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