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  1. Ah, sure, the others have. Your not supposed to, i guess, as it is about that persons dream - but when have people on this board stuck to the idea of the actual post. Anything we see remotely to do with we have to say, we post on. (Royal or Community We - There lies the mystery of what I am saying)


    i didnt catch one word of that

  2. Spiderman?

    La la la...

    Wow, im so tired...and I have sooooo much homework to so...

    so im procrastinating, finding lookalike pictures of matts' jewellery



    spiderman is the thing i made outof blue tac

    he has to die now coz im putting my muse photos on the wall

  3. 16,i have to wait 3 more years till im 16

    Thats cool, yknow. 16s not that great.

    GCSE's, *groan*

    But I did okay..so...

    You were talking about what ur doing in college a while ago, i think...

    Im gonna be a genetic engineer!


    Im gonna clone muse and there'll be pocket sized matts for everyone. :D


    sid was talking about what she was doin in college

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