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  1. Idk. I think the helmets weigh more than Bellamy so we'd need to go by mass rather than weight.
  2. Yeah but there's 3.5 people in Muse and 2 in Daft Punk so Muse is bigger.
  3. Don't bother. Just learn to say thank you and bye cause people won't be patient enough to try to understand you when you speak Dutch
  4. wat heeft ego moeten censoren in zijn laatste post? :p

  5. Well Ghent is absolutely lovely! We could do the usual as well, Bruges, Brussels, Antwerp? OH! Ghent Festival starts 18th of july, that would be fab time to be in Ghent actually. I'm off to Cath at Stu's wedding on the 23rd of July and I'll be staying in Glasgow for a week I think. Probs wasn't too clear, my dates were a 'can't do then'.


    I know right, check me out. Any fun stories to tell me? :eyebrows:

    Nah only 8 this time.

  6. Ermageeerd! Yes please do!

    Where: Ghent

    When: ehh not before 20th of june, first weekend of July, 12th july, 23rd July - 1st August

    You can take the Megabus from London to Ghent (which I will be doing in three weeks, one day only visit" London June 17th).


    I'm alright, exams at the moment and having a bit of a life. Recovered from your hangover yet?

  7. Annual 'hi' and then silence message? :phu:

    Looking good, babe

  8. Remember I told you about Happie the seal who has taken a fancy to the water near my house? Ermagerd! (not my picture though)




    And you should get back your cat, you look weird without it.

  9. I'm not :p

    I still speak the coolest language though: Dutch :awesome:

  10. I'll be in Manchester weekend of the 1st of Feb, should you fancy a pint.

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