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  1. Duuuude! If I'd known you were gonna be there I'd have met up with you! edit: Oh I just saw you said German so never mind I was seated. And apparently seated actually means seated which is a shame, surrounded by lots of dull and old people who only moved their arms to clap or take a picture. Visually it was a stunning place to be though.
  2. You're awful! Maybe we should take this to facebook instead!

    well donnnneeee!!! Except forget all the fun next year, you'll need to achieve moar things and be the bestest :p When can I come visit and see hobbits?

    Life is okay I guess, I'm done with uni and am back home in the middle of nowhere. I'm not licensed yet so I work 5 days a week for experience rather than money. So poor :'(

  3. Has the shop ever sold calendars? It's the only thing I can think of make your own, yo.
  4. I remember the original thread. I'm so sorry about your little girl
  5. Those VIP packages are an absolute joke £140 to get free peanuts with your £8 beer.
  6. It's ridiculous. £71 to probably have a two dozen of giant paper drones flying over your head and five costume changes. And 18 songs.
  7. "it was really disappointing, cause people had said Muse were the best performance on Pinkpop and then we get this. It was really boring. And after the last three songs it was just suddenly over" She can be a bit of a Jase.
  8. My friend was there was she was really disappointed 'they were like KoL on stage, there was no interaction, lots of boring songs, lots of people were leaving early'. Funnily enough she loves Arctic Monkeys (yawn) and 30STM (please kills me) so I'm taking her observations with a pinch of salt.
  9. No we haven't! I saw pictures of you fly by on facebook and you looked like you were enjoying yourself quite a bit! Placement was good, Newbury was awful. Have you been doing anything other than being THE PARTY MAN?

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